Viewer ZF 1-7x28 IC

Viewer ZF 1-7x28 IC

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The clever

The comfortable distance to the 90 mm eye of this viewfinder minimizes the risk of ocular lesions by recoil in the high-caliber rifles. The intelligent variable point (IVD) is an invaluable aid during hunting in which an instant view of the target is required when it is rapidly approaches. Thanks to the target of 28 mm, 1-7x28 IC can be used even at twilight, which makes it a versatile viewer for hunting anywhere in the world.

  • Only with the two open eyes, the peripheral vision of the hunters can track hunting and guarantee a safe shot. This viewer offers this advantage thanks to its true 1x increases.
  • Large field of vision of more than 40 m
  • Great 10mm output pupil with 1x for quick target view
  • Large zoom range
  • The diameter of the 28 mm lens allows an increase of 7x with a 4 mm output pupil. This improves the field of view even with bad light conditions.
  • Reticle in the Focal Close-up: Reticles have been specially designed to place them in the close-up of the image, in order to get the focus and visualization to be clearer and clearer. Its excellent design reduces the increase of the crosshead to the maximum, being accurate shooting of long distances without the target is covered by it.
  • IC lighting control: If the R8 has IC device, pressing the insurance button to the fire position, the illuminated point will be automatically activated.
  • This model, presents the novel IVD system (Intelligent Variable Point): When we position the viewfinder between 1 and 4 increases, the enlightened point will be larger, making it more visible to give us more effective and intuitive lancers in beaters and mountains. The situational awareness and intuitive acquisition of the objective will be faster and more effective.
Increases 1-7x.
Effective diameter of the objective 10 mm - 28 mm
Diameter of the output pupil 10 mm - 4 mm
Field of vision to 100 m 40.8 m - 6.0 m
Distance to the eye 90 mm
Transmission of light > 90% Night /> 92% Day
Compensation of parallax. 100 m fixed
Lifting / drift adjustment at 100 m 180 cm / 180 cm
Settings by Click 1 cm / 100 m
IC lighting system Yes
Intelligent variable point Yes
Adjustment of diopters. +2.5 / -3 diopters
Weight 645 G.
Total length 319 mm

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