Refund policy

In the case of products that are irrevocable non-tangible goods, we do not realize refunds after the product is sent, you have the responsibility to understand before buying it. We ask you to read carefully before buying it. We only make exceptions with this rule when the description does not fit the product. There are some products that may have a guarantee and possibility of reimbursement but this will be specified when buying the product. In such cases, the warranty will only cover factory failures and will only be effective when the product has been used correctly. The guarantee does not cover breakdowns or damages caused by improper use. The terms of the guarantee are associated with manufacturing and operational failures under normal products conditions and only these terms will be effective if the equipment has been used correctly. This includes:

- According to the technical specifications indicated for each product.
- under environmental conditions according to the specifications indicated by the manufacturer.
- In specific use for the function with which it was designed at the factory.
- In electrical operating conditions according to the specifications and tolerances indicated.