Spray personal defense

Spray personal defense

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Safety device intended for personal defense, which consists of an internal monobloc aluminum metallic container and outside to protect it from corrosion.

The irritating spray CS, of manual utilization directs the spraying of gas cs up to 4 or 5 meters away. Your cap guarantees the protection of the user and the correct adjustment.

The spray carries at the top a sprayer that works by pressing the push button and that at the same time is protected against accidental pressure by a safety cap that in turn allows fast and safe employment. The active agent CS (ortolobenzylidenomalonnitrile) is housed inside in solution with a solvent and vector gas (propane), which does not attack the ozone layer.


Height with plug: 93mm

Volume: 50ml.

Weight: 44G.

Specific White Removal

It produces an immediate effect on the adversary

Does not produce side effects

It is not explosive or flammable at temperatures between 30 and 50ºC

Launches spraying at a distance between 4 and 5 meters.

Incapacitating instantaneous capacity

Pocket size.

Capchon protective against accidental trip

Shoot between 6 and 8 gas emissions cs

Strong external burning sensation in the eyes

Abundant tears.

Dilation of the pupil

Involuntary eye closure

Sensation of irritation in nasal mucosa

Cough and tightness in the chest

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