Stainless Knife No. 08 Walnut
Stainless Knife No. 08 Walnut

Stainless Knife No. 08 Walnut

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The classic Opinel walnut version.

Delicate and sophisticated. 

Nº08 are known for their cutting qualities and their maintenance ease. Walnut is a resistant wood, ideal for your DIY activities abroad.The varnish applied in the handle allows it to protect against moisture and stains. The Virobloc security ring offers the possibility of blocking the blade in an open or closed position, thus minimizing the risk of cutting.

The dark tones of walnut will enhance your opinel.

A classic among classics, This knife is still captivating for more than 120 years. Model No. 08 is the most popular in the collection; Very versatile, it is an essential tool for day to day.

Classic among the classics, thepocket knife No. 08. It is available on a stainless steel sheet for good corrosion resistance. UN ° 08 is the number more popular from the collection, very versatile It is the indispensable tool in everyday life.

Walnut is a wood from France. Brown, sometimes pulling yellow or gray, and with a dark vein.

Steel Sandvik 12c27.

For the manufacture of the sheet of thisOpinel nº8 stainlessA type of anticorrosive steel has been used thanks to the addition of chromium, which does not require any special maintenance. In addition, it has a high carbon content of at least 0.40% to result in aExcellent phylo..

This material has aMicrostructureof fine carbides to improve its high performance in relation to wear resistance. Its specific composition is 0.40% carbon, 13.5% chromium, 0.40% silicon and 0.40% manganese. Its hardness will reach55hRC..

Viroblock block

The knifeOpinel nº08.incorporates a patented safety system byMarcel Opinel.on1955, and consisting of a safety ring manufactured instainless steel, so it will be resistant to contact with ferrous elements and also to all kinds of hostility environments.

This technology is composed of afixed partand anothersliding, and is able to perform the blocking action both when the knife isopenLike when it isclosed. The user will be able to perform all kinds of cuts without any risk, and can also transport the piece without risk of accidental opening.

Leaf Style Clip Point

The French developers ofOpinelThey have developed a stylish steel sheetBowie., which forms a very fine tip, ideal for the drilling of objects or textures. In addition, this knife profile allowsIncrease controland the strength by the user.

The edge is straight, so it increases the maximumWorking surfaceand good results are obtained in large cuts, so muchmore clean.The combination of the sheet profile along with the characteristics of the edge make this small razor in a powerful weapon.

Main features

  • Total length:19.2 cm
  • Length of the sheet:8.5 cm
  • Blade thickness:2.0 mm
  • Type of steel:Sandvik 12c27.
  • Hardness of steel:55 HRC.
  • Leaf style:Clip Point.
  • Type of emptying:Right
  • Finishing the sheet:Satin
  • Type of edge:Smooth
  • Handle long:11.5 cm
  • Handle material:Walnut wood
  • Handle color:Wood
  • Weight:45 GR.
  • Country of origin:France

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