Rifle Monotiro K95 Ultimate Carbon

Rifle Monotiro K95 Ultimate Carbon

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  • Carbon cylinder thumbhole ergonomically optimized
  • Leather inserts in front chocolate color, handle and cheek



  • Precise Blaser trigger:Its excellent direct trigger is an essential quality for a precise shooting.
  • Tilting blocking piece:Strong and reliable, designed to be able to support the highest bedroom pressures: this is the basis of the legendary K95 precision.
  • Montura Blaser:The barrel and the viewfinder form a unit that guarantees a precise shooting. The bases of the viewfinder are located on top of the bedroom, so the cannon is free to move and the impact point remains constant.
  • Canyon and bedroom cold crowded:In all the calibers the canyon and the bedroom are cold-paced, favoring that they are perfectly concentric.



  • Manual filling system:Considered as one of the best tumbled systems, no conventional system offers the same security as the real springs without tension. The K95 is timped manually just before each shot. If the trigger does not occur, the real spring stops being in tension by pressing the tumbler lever.
  • Designer:When the opening lever is operated, the tumbler lever is automatically put in position.
  • Protection against unauthorized use:The locking piece, together with the integrated puncture, can be removed from the K95 in two simple steps.


Versatile and functional

  • Protection against corrosion:All K95 metal parts are corrosion-resistant materials or are protected by special treatments. The cannon interior and the bedroom are burnished and only require conventional care.
  • Disassembled fast, easy cleaning:Even in the field, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble the K95 in a few seconds. The K95 can be easily cleaned from snow remains, dirt or wood remains
  • The K95 cannons are interchangeableand are available in numerous calibers and different versions. This rifle is easy to configure and is very versatile for a wide variety of challenges. Once you are mounted, each canyon is adjusted and impacts on the lens from the first shot.



  • Light and easy to use:Very compact, the K95 is the perfect rifle for the most demanding hunt. Always ready to shoot with great precision.
  • Optimal balance:The excellent weight distribution helps intuitive handling, as well as with a fast and soft assembly.


Modular options

1. Adjustable cheek

The multi-level adjustable cheek is operated intuitively without the need for tools - thanks to its memory function - and ensures a perfect assembly in any situation. With this system, the cheek can be adjusted to individual body proportions or to different optical equipment in a matter of seconds.

2. Reverse absorption system (RAS)

The cantoner with recoil absorption system is placed quickly and easily, and is designed to provide a pleasant shooting experience - even with large calibers. The internal absorption elements are available with different degrees of hardness, which can be adjusted to the shooter preferences and significantly reduce the lift of the weapon's mouth when shooting.

3. Adjustable Cantonera (ARP)

The possibility of adjusting the length, weight and degree of inclination of the cantonera offer a wide variety of practical advantages. It can be adjusted quickly and easily for different handles or, depending on weather conditions, for different clothing garments.

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