Lantern P18R Signature.
Lantern P18R Signature.
Lantern P18R Signature.
Lantern P18R Signature.
Lantern P18R Signature.

Lantern P18R Signature.

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The P18R Signature is an incomparable light cannon

The P18R Signature is an incomparable light canyon that offers our iconic X and 4500 Lumen Lumens. Our patented advanced focus system, intelligent light technology for custom light functions and constant light output do not leave anything to be desired. The powerful battery is loaded with the magnetic loading system and has a fast loading function. The compact search light for all outdoor adventures can also be placed on the end cover and, therefore, placed in a vertical position on the ground or the table. Thus, even the darker nocturnal sky suddenly becomes in daylight.

4500 LM.
30 LM.
720 M.
50 M.
2.5 H.
70 H.

Functions of light

  • Power - High Luminum Power For Any Situation
  • Mid Power - Media Luminum Power for any situation
  • Low Power - Economic light for a long battery life, reading and work without glare
  • BOOST - Maximum power of short duration for greater luminosity
  • Blink - Automatic emission of luminous impulses at regular intervals
  • Position - Two short light impulses, repeated three times, to alert others from your location
  • S.O.S - The relief signal that emits light is SOS in Morse code (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short)
  • Stroboscope - light flashes with a confusing blinding effect for, among other things, personal defense


  • Front switch: A switch on the front of the flashlight to be able to use one hand

Special functions

  • High-end lantern - with up to 4500 lumens and Constant Light for a constant luminous flow for a long period of time
  • SMART LIGHT technology - for custom light functions
  • Advanced focus system - for an efficient and precise lighting of Flood and Spot type
  • Comfortable load - battery with magnetic loading system
  • Hard anodized body material - provides greater protection against wear and corrosion

IP class

  • IP54- protection against water projected in powerful jet


  • When using rechargeable batteries, you are not only protecting your portfolio, but also the environment. After all, normal batteries need up to 500 times more electricity from which they can free themselves. If we add the energy consumption for transport and storage, CO2 emissions are enormous.

Signature series

  • It represents the premium solution of the LEDLENSER range. It includes all the latest technologies with a new and elegant design, luxurious materials and additional accessories. This range is for people who want the "best of the best" in the market.

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