Slekpet SELECT ENERGY Sporting Adjustable Signature

Slekpet SELECT ENERGY Sporting Adjustable Signature

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Select® Energy Sport Signature, with its easily adjustable cylinder head supplement, has many unique features among which include a set of 5 Chokes Signature Briley and an adjustable trigger to determine the length of the culata. This shotgun is complemented by a selection of 71 and 76 cm in length cannons, with 10 mm band and a competition Truglo® Tru-Bead®.

Caliber 12-76
Canyon Back Bored
Chokes 5 INV + SIGNATURE (CYL, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, FULL)
Superior band 10mm
Finished cannon Favonado.
Weighing machine Steel
Wood grade Grade 2.5.
Wood Finishing the oil
Butt Pistolet.
Length 372mm.
Crest fall 32-41mm.
Heel fall. 57
Hardwoman Semi Beaver Tail
Total weight. 3.45 kg
Notes Gun Lock, Choke key
Packaging ABS Briefcase


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