Shotgun Montefeltro Centro Crio
Shotgun Montefeltro Centro Crio
Shotgun Montefeltro Centro Crio
Shotgun Montefeltro Centro Crio
Shotgun Montefeltro Centro Crio

Shotgun Montefeltro Centro Crio

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The Benelli Center is an extremely versatile semiautomatic, perfectly calibrated to give stability and maneuverability, it is a prominent shotgun that triggers a wide range of cartridges from 24 to 56 grams of lead. The heat of the barrel does not affect the carbon fiber band due to its characteristics of resistance and elasticity.

The system"CRIO SYSTEM"Place 13.2% more shot inside the center of the shot.
Semi-automatic extremely versatile, calibrated accurately to grant stability and ease of operation.
It is ready to shoot with a wide range of cartridges.
The carbon fiber band is indeformable to the heat of the barrel, thanks to its characteristics of resistance and elasticity.

Mechanical guarantee of 5 years.

Inertia Driven System

Formed by three components: the shutter, the closing head and the free dock, while the shutter is positioned in shooting, the turning bolt moves along a profiled guide to occupy the closure head. When the trigger is run, all the components of the shotgun, except the shutter, move backwards. Meanwhile, the inertial spring is compressed between the shutter head and the body of said shutter. In this way the bushing moves from the chamber to the explosion chamber. The heavy dock inertial pushes the shutter group back, extracting the cartridge fired. When the empty cartridge leaves, the energy is used to rear the hammer by advancing the cartridge to the right position by putting a new cartridge in the camera. In this way a uniform operation is guaranteed.


Cryogenic treatment applied to the canyon and the choke of a light weapon to maximize your ballial features. Benelli's CRIO SYSTEM treatment is to gradually cool steel until it arrived at temperatures of -100º C. The first element to which the System Crio has been applied is to the canyonCriobarrel. With this cryogenic treatment, the consequences of heat and fiction are minimal, in this way the barrel is uniformly dilated at the time of the shot. Likewise, this treatment extends the life of the canyon, since it is more resistant to wear and not cryogenic treatment also has positive effects on the useful life of the barrel, since it is more resistant to wear and does not suffer the effects of combustion residues.

It also applies to Chokes,Criochokes. They have a special way elongated with a gradual widening. In this way, the pellets do not accumulate and its deformation is reduced. With the Crio System, the pellet stelae are much dense with full roses in the central and in peripheral.

  • Caliber:12
  • Bedroom: 76 
  • Canyon: 66/71
  • Chokes: 5 chokes
  • Band: ventilated carbon
  • Cryogenic cannon.
  • Weight: 3.15kg.
  • It is presented at the Benelli Original Briefcase.

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