P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator
P320 detonator

P320 detonator

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GIS Sauer P320 as a alarm gun of 9 mm p.a.k. Made of plastic polymer resistant to impacts as the original.

The pistol has a double action trigger and integrated fall insurance.

It comes in a Sig Sauer briefcase with lock, an additional cannon for 15 mm pyrotechnics and a cleaning brush. The cover is quilted and divided reasonably for the gun, the charger, the spare charger, the cleaning brush and the launch glass.

Like the original GIS Sauer pistols, this P320 is very easy to disassemble.

Like the US military model P320 M17, the P320 has no external hammer or external insurance. An internal perter insurance prevents it from jarring without tightening the trigger.

The retention lever of the slide can be used on both sides, but it is very small and is really under tension when the slide is blocked.

The labor is pretty good for a Turkish manufacturer. The matte black finish and the polymer handle are really well done. However, you have to dismantle the gun and thoroughly clean it once before the first use and olit it because we have noticed some fine chips.

What we do not like so much is the dotted of the back sight. It seems that it was applied by hand with good luck. Logically, the views are quite superfluous in a fear pistol, but for collectors and GIS fans, it remains without being a success.

What we like is a lot is the "Sand Grip". It shows immediately when it is touched for the first time. Due to the very rough surface, the P320 adapts very well at hand. The handle is quite small, just like the entire gun with its 18 cm is very compact.

The P320 has an indicator if the gun is charged. It is a red spot at the end of the slide, which only the shooter can see.

Under the canyon there is a picatinny rail for accessories. There are many stretch marks in the front and rear of the slide to facilitate the load.

The charger is made of steel and, consequently, stable.

The linked cover in "matching items" is ideal for the P320. You need a small "pull" to block yourself on your site, but then the gun sits excellently.

The 9mm pistol is also very interesting, because Fans of Sig Sauer have had to wait a long time until the production has finally started, but also because the P320 will be the new standard gun of the US armed forces.

Specifications of the GIS SAUER p320 lime pistol. 9 mm Pak:

Charger capacity: 10 + 1 cartridges
Security: Fall security
Length: 182 mm
Weight: 754 g
Material: Politic plastic, Charger: Steel
Color: green / black
Trigger: double action
Manufacturer: GIS SAUER
PTB: 1038.
Scope of delivery:

Alarm Gun SIG Sauer P320 Lime. 9 mm Pak.
Charger, 10 rounds
Launching Mug.
cleaning brush
Plastic case Sig Sauer with lock

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