Hunting knife ZX-8.OL
Hunting knife ZX-8.OL
Hunting knife ZX-8.OL
Hunting knife ZX-8.OL
Hunting knife ZX-8.OL
Hunting knife ZX-8.OL

Hunting knife ZX-8.OL

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The knife ZX-8OL. Muela is a great exemplary of hunting complement. Is made up of Spanish steel Mova. on its leaf, and beautiful olive wood In his hobs. Is focused on the hunting, but it can be multipurpose in business hands. Your blocking system is the extended Back Lock..


The ZX-8OL knife model is a Handpiece only. The Spanish manufacturer makes special care that its products have a good finish, but they also seek to be useful in their functions.

Steel Mova.

The steel with which the sheet of the ZX-8ol knife is made is the so-called Mova.. The name refers to the inclusion of the molybdenum and vanadium elements. The molybdenum has the ability to not dilate with heat, as well as being resistant to corrosion. For his part, Vanadium gives him hardness.

This steel is chosen for pieces destined for daily or hunting. The compositionSpecific is 0.53% carbon, 0.50% manganese, 0.35% silicon, 14.50% chromium, 0.50% molybdenum and 0.18% vanadium; and a hardness of 57-61 HRC.


The ZX-8OL knife is designed for strong jobs. Therefore, the blockade designed for this piece is all a success by the manufacturer. The Back Lock. It is one of the safest systems that exists.

It consists of a hook that holds to the leaf that is released by pressing on the back of the piece. With this system so insurance, the opening and closing times of our knife are optimized.


The shape of the sheet chosen for the ZX-8ol is known as Clip Point.. It is one of the most popular today, especially in the pieces destined to hunt.

The part of the edge makes a convex curve, similar to the Drop Point. On the other hand, the loin goes directly from the handle, and halfway is cut in concave form. In this way, we got a tip Fine, besides being parallel to the center of the knife.


The ZX-8OL has a hock olive wood. Each piece is worked artisanally, which means that each unit is unique.

The choice of this material guarantees a good grip. However, as not being a synthetic element, the maintenance It is something more demanding than others.


The cover included with the ZX-8OL is made with a string nylon Very resistant. The knife is secured with an automatic button. In the back it has a flap that allows us to join the part to the belt comfortably.

Technical specifications

  • Total length: 19,0 cm
  • Length of the sheet:8.0 cm
  • Blade thickness:2.5 mm
  • Type of steel:Mova.
  • Type of blockade:Back Lock.
  • Opening:Handbook
  • Clip:Does not have
  • Hardness of steel:57-61 HRC.
  • Leaf style:Clip Point.
  • Sharpener model:Right
  • Finishing the sheet:Satin
  • Type of edge:Flat
  • Handle long:11.0 cm
  • Handle material:Olive wood
  • Handle color: Brown
  • Weight:99 GR.
  • Country of origin:Spain

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