Navalia-10m Hunting Knife
Navalia-10m Hunting Knife
Navalia-10m Hunting Knife
Navalia-10m Hunting Knife
Navalia-10m Hunting Knife

Navalia-10m Hunting Knife

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Is Navalia Micarta. is a razor specially designed for hunting With leaf in Steel Mova. of Spanish origin and cages in Black Micarta. of great benefits. Has a blocking system located in the back of the knife and has a straight edge for Clean cuts..

This model of spectacular performance belongs to the M. series, designed by the manufacturer Eladio Muela., which gives name to the recognized brand of cutlery. Muela is characterized by the manufacture of knives like the Navalia Micarta., an ideal product for Hunting beatingthanks to your Excellent phylo. and its handle of great durability.

Steel Mova.

The knife Navalia Micarta. It has a sheet of stainless steel Manufactured in Albacete. (Spain). As it indicates its name, it is a type of alloy Modified and improved with molybdenum and vanadium, which gives you a Superior resistance. to intermediate range knives.

The molybdenum provides the knife a good performance in conditions of extreme temperatures, since it supports abrasion without dilating. On the other hand, the little aggregate of Vanadio adds Great hardness to steel, hence between the 57-61HRC. On the Rockwell scale.

Its exact composition is 0.53% carbon, 0.50% manganese, 0.35% silicon, 14.50% chromium, 0.50% molybdenum and 0.18% vanadium, so that have a Maintenance of the edgecorrect E. immunity Front of corrosion.

Back Lock block

This sheet locking system is one of the most used in cutlery, thanks to its spectacular reliability and its extreme safety under pressure. The technology consists of a hook embedded behind the cacha that takes the spike and the block Full form.

The unlocking action is just as simple, since you just have to press the hook so that the sheet is released and ready to return to your Original position. This system allows the use of the knife in seconds in a way Comfortable, practical and safe.

Leaf Style Clip Point

Among the multiple uses that can be given to Navalia Micarta. is that of performing perforations At all kinds of skins. This can be done from simple way, since it has a Straight edge that increases the work surface facilitating Deep cuts And clean.

In addition, developers of Tooth They have equipped a profile type Clip Point or Bowie, which is characterized by its fine tip of increasing nature that allows a absolute control in the direction and strength by the user. Likewise, this high-performance knife has a finish in Satin Gray..


As indicated by the name of this Navalia., the material used by the Spanish manufacturer it is the My letter, a type of product that is created high pressure, grouping layers of Fiber fabricwith epoxy resin. This process results in a handle resistant to the chemical products, at high temperatures and at humidity.

Likewise, the My letter Allows one Great variety of colors, and for this model of Tooth Fabric sheets of Black color For a very striking and exclusive finish.

Technical specifications:

  • Total length:21.5 cm
  • Length of the sheet:10 cm
  • Blade thickness:2.5 mm
  • Type of steel:Mova.
  • Type of blockade:Back Lock.
  • Opening:Handbook
  • Clip:-
  • Hardness of steel:57-61 HRC.
  • Leaf style:Clip Point.
  • Type of emptying:Right
  • Finishing the sheet:Satin
  • Type of edge:Smooth
  • Handle long:11.5 cm
  • Handle material:My letter
  • Handle color:Black
  • Weight:115 GR.
  • Country of origin:Spain

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