Stainless steel razor No.06
Stainless steel razor No.06

Stainless steel razor No.06

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Los AngelesOpinion No.06This is the first razor.medianIt was made in France and was the first to install a traditional locking bearing.Vero blockYeah. Embedded steel plate Sandvik 12c27Developed in SwedenBeechY-bladeClip point.


Inverse model06It's small, light and very practicalDIY production, paper cutting or only for daily activities. In addition, French developers have set upSafety ringPatent, high security.

Sandvik 12c27 steel

Used for manufacturing the bladeAupinel 6 stainless steelDue to the addition of chromium, a corrosion-resistant steel is used and no special maintenance is required. In addition, it has a high carbon content of at least 0.40%, thus obtaining a high carbon contentThe edge of excellence.

This material has many advantagesMicrostructureIn order to improve its high wear resistance. Its specific composition is 0.40% C, 13.5% Cr, 0.40% Si and 0.40% Mn. Its hardness will reach55 degrees centigrade.


razor06 o'pinnellUsing patent security systemMarcel opinellIn the middle of1955, by one, bystainless steelTherefore, it can resist the contact of iron and various hostile environments.

The technology was developed byFixed partAnd another oneSlidingAnd can be used when the shaver is in theOpenLike when he was thereClosedYeah. The user should be able to perform any type of cutting without any risk, or transport parts without the risk of accidental opening.

Clip point style

French developersOpinellThey developed a steel plate with a unique styleBowieIt forms a very thin tip that is perfect for drilling objects or textures. In addition, the profile of the knife allows forIncrease controlAnd enforced by the user.

The edge is straight, so it's maximizedfaceGood results have been obtained in large area cuttingClean.The combination of blade profile and edge features makes this small razor a powerful weapon.


French designers often use this material to develop an ergonomic razor handle.Inox 6Yeah. The appearance of this natural wood is uniform and can be identified by its presenceIrregular pulse.

Handle painted to better prevent moisture and dirt. In addition, the structure is fully ergonomic, so it will beeffectiveFatigue caused by continuous use of razor and extreme environmental conditions.

Main features

  • Total length:16.8 cm
  • Blade length:7.4 cm
  • Sheet thickness:1.5mm
  • Type of steel:Sandvik 12c27
  • Hardness of steel:55 HRC
  • Sheet style:Clip point
  • Empty type:Straight
  • Blade surface treatment:Smooth
  • Edge type:Smooth
  • Long handle:9.4 cm
  • Handle material:Beech
  • Handle color:wood
  • Weight:28 g
  • Country of origin:France

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