Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™
Hunter h34s ™

Hunter h34s ™

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This Swedish viewfinder comes in two sizes(S and l)The aim is to make it fit on the rifle Short action Like a shotgun or carbine OmnipotentYeah. For the 30mm diameter version, the Hunter H34 An objective lens is provided 39 mm multilayer (4 mm larger than other models), which improves the optical performance and makes it an ideal viewfinder for shooting professional.

The total length of short models for this viewer is 197 mm More than a month ago 253g Including batteries. The length of the larger version is 229 mm The weight is almost the same as the previous one because it only weighs 263G Built in battery.

Including: foldable lens cover, CR2032 battery, aimpoint tool ®

Another major feature of this viewer is completeYeah. Aimpoint produces your viewfinder High performance aluminum Ensure that it is protected in all respects and that Hunter H34 Optimization:

  • Resistance condition Extreme temperature: the temperature range of this viewfinder is from -30 degrees centigrade until +60 degrees centigradeYeah. In addition, it has a wide temperature range Storage He's older because he can stand it -51 degrees centigrade until +71 degrees centigrade There was no deterioration.
  • Resistance High humidity: Viewer Hunter H34 It has maximum protection for relative humidity95% From +20 degrees centigrade until +50 degrees centigrade.
  • resistance to attackBoth short and long viewfinder can resist Multiple shocks From tODO address type.
  • Resistance Vibration: red dot Hunter H34 is for bear Vibration rotating in a certain range frequency from 10 stay 150 Hz.

In addition, design bushing Gaussian model Hunter H34 Its surface treatment anodic oxidation And color Black semi matteIt provides a complete elegant At the same time, it has the characteristics of practicality, portability and high quality.

technical specifications

  • Point size:2 moas.
  • Stack type:3V lithium
  • Pile length:50000 hours
  • Weight:253g (3)
  • Length:197 mm (SEC)
  • Lens diameter: 39 mm (SEC)
  • Eye to eye distance:infinite.
  • Temperature range:-30 ℃ / + 60 ℃
  • Waterproof
  • Diving up to 1 meter
  • Viewfinder with antireflection system
  • Manual control system

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