RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas
RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas
RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas
RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas
RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas
RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas
RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas

RWS Speed ​​Tip Balas

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Ammunition RWS Speed ​​Tip (Plastic Punta), hunting bullet developed for very long distance shooting, among its features are Plastic Point Speed ​​Tip Puntiaguda For a rapid expansion and ballial performances at a very long distance, surrounding shirt with increasing wall in thickness for weight retention and aerodynamic ballot specified pen for "V" shape to shoot accurately at very long distances.
The projectile starts the expansion by simply touching the piece and releases leading from lead to its step to form a perfect champignon whose weight ranges over 60% of its initial mass generating a deep channel and a great shock effect on the piece. Externally the projectile has a Speed ​​Speed ​​Tip tip of RWS, nickel-plated wrapping and coat with an aerodynamic shape with a great ballistic coefficient (0.48 in Cal.30). It is a very suitable projectile for medium shots and above all long distance on thin skin animals and mean weight of weight even at very long distance.
It has a high impact power and a great ballistic effectiveness in the transmission of energy over the piece.

    For the purchase of metallic ammunition, it is essential that we can get to the the next documentation:

    - Photocopy of the belonging guide

    - Photocopy DNI (both faces)

    - Weapons License (Weapons Permit, Both Faces)

    -Entervention of weapons to which it belongs.

    -Ox of order that is generated when making the purchase.

    Based on the purchase regulations of metallic ammunition, the maximum bullets per day allowed is 200 bullets (10 boxes).

    The ammunition will be sent, once we receive the documentation and confirmation of the payment, at home that indicates us as a shipping address through an authorized agency, together with its circulation guide, which must be presented by the client in his intervention of corresponding weapons within a maximum period of 5 days.

    The return of metallic ammunition is not allowed.

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