Shotgun Pasion MK2.
Shotgun Pasion MK2.
Shotgun Pasion MK2.
Shotgun Pasion MK2.
Shotgun Pasion MK2.
Shotgun Pasion MK2.
Shotgun Pasion MK2.

Shotgun Pasion MK2.

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The Shotgun Benelli Pasion MK2 is created from the fruit and creativity of great mastersmen and under the guidelines of famous hunters.
An elegant and robust shotgun with an infallible inertial system, high performance with a more luxurious equipment, with selected high quality walnut woods engraved with gold details.
A shotgun that the same name says, for authentic passionate to the minor game.

A shotgun resulting from the creative genius of teachers.
The most elegant and robust shotgun with inertial operation.
High performance with a most complete equipment. Walnut wood
High quality and exquisite engravings with details of birds in gold.

Inercial system.cut-off.
Walnut wood 3 grade 3.
Equipment: The shotguns are equipped with the following Accessories: Choke OCP 70 mm *, **, ***, **** and *****

CYL, Briefcase, Oil, Diversion wedges, Manual Instructions and key for chokes.

Caliber: 12.
Bedroom:76 mm.
Operating system:Semiautomatic collection of inertial system.
Case:Of light alloy.
Engravings:In Nikel with gold details.
Canyon length:66, 71 and 76 cm.
Chokes: 5 OptimAcker.
Band:8 mm ventilated.
Woods:Walnut grade 3.
Point of view:Luminous LPA.
Charger capacity:5 (4 + 1) Limited by rod at 2 + 1.
Cantonera:Microcell Soft Plus.
Weight:3'3 kg.

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