Escopeta Franchi Affinity 3 Black Synthetic
Shotgun Affinity 3 Black Synthetic
Shotgun Affinity 3 Black Synthetic
Shotgun Affinity 3 Black Synthetic

Shotgun Affinity 3 Black Synthetic

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AFFINITY 3 BLACK SYNT is a semiautomatic hunting shotgun with a total black style, with housing in Ergal and cylinder cylinder and handworthy.

Ideal for the hunter who is not scared before any hunting condition, this Semiautomatic shotgun has been designed To live the experience of 100% hunting, without compromise and with perfect performance. "All hunting" shotgun In the broadest sense of the word, it is ideal for any type of hunting, from the Water hunting up to LA feathered game.

Semiautomatic shotgun with Lisa Affinity 3 Black Synt is available in Caliber 12 and Caliber 20 and as all Franchi shotguns has a 7-year warranty in mechanical parts.

The consolidated one. system Front inertia. It offers a balanced, reliable and reduces the hoist by favoring an optimal sight line, thanks to the placement of the recovery sprue hosted in front, around the warehouse tube. Like all the shotguns semiautomatic Franchi., it can be regulated in the fall and diversion thanks to the plus Omni Stock Adjustable Fit. With AFFINITY 3 BLACK SYNT The hunting experience is lived to the fullest.

AFFINITY 3 BLACK SYNT is the synthetic shotgun for the hunter who is not scared by a temporary or for an adverse day.


Franchi shotguns, synonymous with quality and robustness with elegance and design made in Italy characteristic of the brand. Franchi Affinity Synthetic, semiautomatic with Franchi Front inertial inertial loading system for absolute and maximum reliability, this system guarantees a perfect balance and stability during the expulsion and cartridge load cycle for faster and shooting accuracy.

All Franchi semiautomatics incorporate the reverse reduction tsa reduction system up to 43% on the shooter's shoulder. Its cannons are chromed internally and are prepared to shoot steel pellet. All Franchi semiautomatics have 7 years warranty (except for wood) against any mechanical defect. They incorporate fast loading system by button next to the packagamine.

The Franchi Affinity Black Synthetic model is available in 12 or 20 caliber, both with 76mm bedroom and the available cannon length is 61, 66, 71 and 76 cm in Cal.12 with a weight of 3.14 kg and 61, 66 and 71 cm Caliber 20 with a weight of 2.65 kg.

Available for Destro shooter and left-hander;

Zurded in 12 and 71cm guns.

In both gauges, the shotgun is supplied with 3 collisions (*, *** and cylindrical) of 5cm in length, being able to acquire separately any type of additional shock even cannon extensions. Cylinder and front of black synthetic material and black anodized scale, phosphate cannon finished in matte black.

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