Bales RWS Speed ​​Tip Pro
Bales RWS Speed ​​Tip Pro
Bales RWS Speed ​​Tip Pro
Bales RWS Speed ​​Tip Pro

Bales RWS Speed ​​Tip Pro

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The aerodynamic form of the bullet Speed ​​Tip Professional. from RWS. ends at the front with the tip Speed ​​Tip, It offers a low resistance to air and, therefore, a very direct trajectory. The new tip of the projectile guarantees accurate shots and an immediate effect, even at great distances. In the back, the projectile ends up in a Tail in V. (V-Tail) that, thanks to its form, it provides precision and flight stability.

The new projectile Speed ​​Tip Professional. from RWS., adjusted to the wide range of uses, has a double-core lead structure that is based on proven principle Shield H. (H-tablecloth): A somewhat softer front core, fast reaction, and a harder rear core that guarantees the percussion force. In addition, nickel-plated steel shield provides great stability of residual body shape and guarantees a safe shot with traces of blood.

Advantages of the ammunition Speed ​​Tip Professional of RWS:

Rating ballistics. The very direct trajectory at a very high speed allows to hunt even at great distances. This is achieved thanks to the shape of the long-range projectile, with the tip Speed ​​Tip and the tail in V.

Extreme detention effect. Thanks to the tip Speed ​​Tip, with an integrated hollow tip, and the easily fragmentable front core, a very fast response is achieved in the animal's body. The rear nucleus, harder, guarantees the percussion force. In hunting, this implies remarkably reduced flight distances and a secure outlet of the bullet with traces of blood.

Great precision. Good precision is a fundamental requirement to shoot long distances. This is guaranteed thanks to the precision queue in V and the nickel-plated surface of the projectile.

For the purchase of metallic ammunition, it is essential that we can get to the the next documentation:

-Photocopy of the belonging guide

-Photrocopy DNI.

-Breatement of weapons to which it belongs.

-Ox of order that is generated when making the purchase.

Based on the purchase regulations of metallic ammunition, the maximum bullets per day allowed is 200 bullets (10 boxes).

The ammunition will be sent, once we receive the documentation and confirmation of the payment, at the address that indicates us as a shipment address through an authorized agency, along with its circulation guide, which must be presented by the client in his intervention of corresponding weapons within a maximum period of 5 days.

The return of metallic ammunition is not admitted.

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