Gamehead Pro Balas

Gamehead Pro Balas

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  • Sako Gamehead Pro cartridges Pro
  • Sierra Tipped Gameking - GameChangers
  • Green plastic tip
  • Base queue base
  • Soft tips and rapid expansion
  • High ballistic coefficients and high precision
  • Perfect expansion even long distance

The AMNITION SAKO GAMEHEAD PRO It is loaded with Sierra Tipped Gameking - GameChangers of plastic tip and boat tail.

The Cartridges Sako Game Head Pro They have a plastic tip and a high ballistic coefficient intended to optimize their performance even longer distances, finding their optimal use in the media and even short distances. The thickness of the Gamehead Pro tips jacket guarantees a controlled expansion and a penetration according to the needs of the cartridge.

The rapid expansion of the tips and the high energy transfer rate makes the Bales Sako Gamehead Pro Be perfect for hunting of medium size animals.

All the Sako ammunition It is loaded at its Rihimaki plant in Finland, since 1921, guaranteeing the application and the latest ecnology, as well as the knowledge acquired for generations. All Sako and Tikka rifles are tested in said production plant with Sako ammunition, guaranteeing in all The test sets, discusses lower than 1 MOA.

The Sako pods They are great quality, which are famous for your heat treatment that in addition to recodion, provides the smallest microstructures of the brass, so that its maximum precision and repetitiveness of the shots are guaranteed, lengthening its useful life.

The single-base gunpowder Employee in the load of Sako bullets is checked Lot after batch in the ballistic laboratory, guaranteeing maximum homogeneity between lots of ammunition of different production. Likewise, the piston ignition and power times is previously taken care of at its load approval in the mounting line.

For the purchase of metallic ammunition, it is essential that we can get to the the next documentation:

-Photocopy of the belonging guide

-Photrocopy DNI.

-Breatement of weapons to which it belongs.

-Ox of order that is generated when making the purchase.

Based on the purchase regulations of metallic ammunition, the maximum bullets per day allowed is 200 bullets (10 boxes).

The ammunition will be sent, once we receive the documentation and confirmation of the payment, at the address that indicates us as a shipment address through an authorized agency, along with its circulation guide, which must be presented by the client in his intervention of corresponding weapons within a maximum period of 5 days.

The return of metallic ammunition is not admitted.

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