Rambler Frequently Asked Questions

The Yeti Ramblers are glasses, bottles, colster®, cups and 18/8 stainless steel jugs designed with double wall vacuum insulation and a non-Sweat ™ design. The glasses will keep your soft drinks, beer, wine, smoothies or cold mixed beverages twice as long as plastic cups. The Colster is like a steel bear hug for your cans and bottles, while your Load-and Lock ™ meeting keeps your drink on your site. The bottles go anywhere where cold or hot drinks are needed. Its Over-the-NOSE ™ technology facilitates loading, consumption and cleaning. And its Triplehaul ™ plugs are 100% leak-proof and comfortable grasping. Some Rambler sizes are available in a DURACOAT ™ colors, such as blue, black, white, and limited seasonal edition colors.

Yes, all Yeti's utensils and accessories are BPA-free - they have always been and will always be. In fact, all Yeti products, including Hopper, Tundra, LoadOut Bucket and Panga Duffel families, are also BPA free. Your Yeti offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. The family of drinks Yeti Rambler is strong. Safe. Elegant. And safe. That's because each Rambler ™ we manufacture is free of BPA from the base to the lid. BPA is the most common name of bisphenol A, a chemical compound related to a series of health problems and diseases. The BPA is used in a variety of plastics - but not on the Rambler ™ Yeti. All Yeti drinking utensils are free of BPA, including triple-haul plugs, magSlider tapas and accessories. We believe that what goes within our Ramblers ™ is as important as its performance abroad. With Yeti, you have the freedom to go anywhere with hydration at hand combined with the tranquility of BPA free.

The Yeti Drink Line has expanded a lot since we launched the Rambler glass. In addition to our glasses, Yeti now offers bottles, jars, a drink jacket Colster, LowBall, a 14-ounce cup and a glass of wine. The best answer will depend on how you want to use your Yeti.

If you want your rambler to be 100% leak proof, we suggest a Rambler Bottle or a Rambler Jug. Even with a magSlider cover, the Rambler glasses are resistant to leaks, but not 100% leak proof. If it is turned into a backpack, or it is pushed into traffic, some liquid will be spilled due to the pressure that is released inside the glass. The bottles and jars are 100% leak proof, so you can take them anywhere without fear that a leak ruin your adventure.

If you are still not sure what Rambler is the most suitable for you, get in touch with our Outfitters team, and they will help you.

Due to all the variables that can affect the retention of the ice, we can not guarantee an accurate amount of time that your Rambler will maintain the ice. However, more ice is better when it comes to its glasses or bottles Rambler. We suggest you fill your rambler with as much ice as possible.

We have designed the Vessels and Ramble Bottles so that they are at the height of the Yeti standard, which means unbeatable durability and an unparalleled ice retention. If you think your rambler does not yield enough, find out about the Yeti warranty. We are proud of the products we manufacture. If something is wrong, we will fix it. Read our warranty policy to determine if it is necessary to make a guarantee claim.

All Rambler products are suitable for dishwasher. You can also clean your rambler with soap for dishes and warm water or use our Yeti cleaning pads. Cleaning pads should not be used with tapas or Ramble plugs. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners. For deeper cleaning, remove the joints, wash them and dry them separately before reinstalling them.

Currently it is not possible to ask for personalized Yets in Europe, but we hope that this will come to Europe in the near future. If you want to register your interest for a personalized Yeti, please contact us.

We are glad you asked him. Manufactured for our Ramble vessels, this cover that can be closed takes advantage of the power of magnets to help protect against splashing on the fly. Learn more about what makes the magslider so special here or watching the following video.

Yes, of course we offer a limited 5 year warranty against defects of material and labor. This warranty applies only to the original owner and is annulled if the product is used for commercial purposes, it is structurally altered or subjected to an effort that exceeds the physical limits of the materials used in the body or components, or is damaged as a result of abnormal use. Normal wear is not guaranteed.

Using the power of the magnets, its magSlider cover is absolutely closed. However, if you want your rambler to be 100% leak-proof, we suggest a Rambler Bottle or a Rambler Jug. Even with a magSlider cover, the Rambler glasses are resistant to leaks, but not 100% leak proof. If it is turned into a backpack, or it is pushed into traffic, some liquid will be spilled due to the pressure that is released inside the glass. The bottles and jars are 100% leak-proof, so it can take them anywhere without fear that a leak ruining your adventure.

The MagSlider cover is suitable for the dishwasher and easy to clean by hand. You just have to remove the magslider, rinse it and replace the sliding lid. And it's already. NB: Please remove the magnet before cleaning your magSlider.

Currently it is not possible to acquire the MagSlider magnet separately. If you need a new MagSlider magnet, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

We believe that some products are best used in the base camp, but if you are going to take your travel rambler, yes, you can buy the magslider cover here.

The care and use instructions depend on the stopper used. Rambler bottles are not designed for use with carbonated beverages or for the storage of perishable products, including food and beverages that are damaged. These items can cause the pressure to accumulate over time, which may result in the cover is difficult to remove; Or, expel out strength and cause injury. The Rambler® straw lid is not intended for use with hot drinks.

Yes, we recommend that temperatures do not exceed the limits indicated below when using the following beverage and tapas RAMBLER tops. Our Ramblers close at elevated temperatures, so, please, always open them carefully. Do not fill in excess. Hot liquids should remain below the solid ring below the threads. Keep the liquids warm out of the reach of children.

85 ° C - fresh coffee
• Standard Top Rambler
• Ramble vessel straw cap
• Rambler MagSlider cover
• Triple Haul Rambler Top
• Jug Rambler.
• Rambler Top Bottle Chug
• Rambler Bottle Magdock Cap

49 ° C - hot tap water
• Straw cover for Bottle Rambler
• Bottle cover Ramble Chug

Do not use the Rambler® Jr. Children's Baby Bottle with hot, carbonated beverages, with pulp or perishable. With time, food and liquids can cause pressure to accumulate inside the bottle. If an accumulation of pressure occurs, the plug can be difficult to remove; Or get out of force and cause injuries.