Zamberlan Size Guide

The foot plays a fundamental role in our daily life, at all times, supporting and transporting the weight of the body. Thanks to its particular anatomy, the foot allows us to face different types of terrain and surfaces, even irregular ones, in close collaboration with the ankle joint. Zamberlan® takes into account all the anatomical aspects of the foot: for this reason, our collection is made up of products with different types of lasts, specific for each type of activity.

How to determine your size Zamberlan®

*NOTE: The correspondence in centimeters refers to the internal template. For example, if your foot measures 27 cm, the size to choose is not the one with the 27 cm insole, but the largest one (see point 4).​​​​​​​

1. Trace on a piece of paper the distance between the heel and the longest toe, making a mark in correspondence with the heel and another in correspondence with the toe.

2. Measure the distance between the two limbs.

3. Repeat the operation for the other foot (often the feet are not exactly the same length; consider the measurement of the widest foot).

4. It is recommended to leave some extra space at the tip to avoid discomfort, especially during the descent.

5. For a more accurate measurement, put on a pair of socks suitable for the desired model.

6. Check the correspondence with the size scale of the model you are interested in (see "last type" on the model page); the size scale is at the bottom of this page.

Also make your decision based on your personal experience, preferences and needs (for example: some prefer to feel more wrapped around their feet, while others like more room to move their toes).
Obviously, if you already have a pair of boots, you can measure the length of the insole and check that it corresponds to the size scale.​​​​​​​

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