Rifle R8 Success Carbon

Rifle R8 Success Carbon

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  • Carbon butt thumbhole of a piece of black, ergonomically perfect and extremely light
  • Brown leather inserts Chocolate ribeled in front, handle and cheek
  • Carbon Pistolet Plate
  • Rubber cantoner.
  • Stainless steel insertion with letters in the cylinder head
  • Cylinder head and bolt for zurdds Optional, with supplement



  • Precise Blaser trigger: The symbol mechanism of the trigger guarantees 100% success in hunting. Even if it is frightened or dirt, the shooting system works controlled and will work in the most adverse conditions. The 900G trigger, convert your thinking into action.
  • Montura Blaser: The barrel and mount form a precision unit: the notches of the upper part of the cannon, directly on top of the bedroom, ensure with their floating cannon, a constant impact point.
  • Beding of optimal cannon: The large cannon beding in the robust housing guarantees greater accuracy in the shot after the cannon change. The deformation of the cylinder head due to the extreme weather never influences the position of the canyon.
  • Radial Acurajing System Blaser: Balance and precision: The robust concentric approach system, blocks directly in the canyon without rotary movements. The 14 blocking points provide a 360 degree closure.
  • Payment Management Canyon and pomace bedroom: Accuracy and durability: The canyon and the bedroom are cold crowded in most calibers. The cannon and the bedroom are perfectly concentric.
  • Perfect cylinder design: The relaxed position of the hand favors precision. The Blaser butts, anatomical form, provide an ideal grip. The thumbhole cylinders of the R8 Success models are even further: Thanks to a completely relaxed doll posture and arm, the accuracy in shooting increases considerably in any shooting position.



  • Manual filling system: For decades, the MANUAL BLASER SYSTEM has been a benchmark. It is known as one of the safest in the world. No mechanical system offers the safety of a renowned real dock. The R8 is yellow just before shooting. If you do not shoot, just press the tumbler lever to restore the rifle again.
  • Protection against unauthorized uses: If the R8 trigger-charger group is not on the rifle, the tumbler lever can not be fixed in the cocked position. For this reason this is the best protection against unauthorized use!
  • Without involuntary opening: If the R8 is untouched and the bolt thrown, the lever of the bolt is blocked. To open the bolt safely, it is enough to lightly move the tumbler lever forward (approximately 3mm / 1.8 "") at the same time that the bolt lever is thrown back.



  • Quick disassembled - easy cleaning: The R8 can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds. The R8 can be cleaned with snow remains, dirt, leaves and trees needles at all times very easily.
  • Controlled trigger system: Maximum reliability - Even if it is frightened or getting dirty, the R8 trigger system continues to work.
  • Locking the charger: The R8 charger is only unlocked by pressing both springs at the same time. Activating the charger or falling unintended is practically impossible. In addition, a tab that is in the charger allows blocking the charger springs.
  • Excellent protection: The construction of the R8 housing prevents from the entry of foreign objects. When the charger is outside the rifle, a protective cover protects it from dirt. All metal parts are corrosion resistant materials or are protected against corrosion. The interior of the canyon and the bedroom are burnished and only a conventional care is required.



  • Linear repeat system: Consecutive shots with great speed and a relaxed posture: the lever of the bolt is in a very ergonomic position on the packagamant. The rifle and eye point to the goal to buy time and ensure a perfect shot.
  • Change of charger "" blindly "": The unlocking springs of the charger can be driven "" blindly "" due to its perfect positioning on the packagamant. By pressing both buttons at the same time, the charger is released directly into the hand. A second charger can be inserted quickly without looking.
  • Double possibility of load: The R8 can be loaded and downloaded in two ways: with the charger removed or inserted into the rifle. With open bolt, cartridges are recharged or downloaded from above quickly and easily.



  • Short design: The design of the R8 charger on the trigger allows the total length of the R8 to be significantly shorter than any conventional bolt rifle.
  • Optimal balance: The balanced distribution of weight encourages intuitive handling, as well as a fast and fluid shooting position.
  • Simple disassembly: The R8 is disassembled, saved and mounted again in a few seconds without modifying the point of impact.



  • Around the world with the same rifle: Thanks to the system of interchangeable cannons, the R8 is the ideal companion no matter the continent or the animal.
  • Quick change of viewfinder: Canyon designed for Mount Blaser, thus the viewfinder or red dot can be easily exchanged.
  • For left-handed: Most R8 are available in full version for left-handed, which includes cylinder, bolt and ejector of the pod.
  • Compact solutions for women and men: R8 Intuition & R8 Compact.

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