Back Bored™ Technology

The "Back-Bored Technology" barrels allow maximum use of the cartridge's features:
1. Increased rate of penetration
Thanks to the “Back-Bored” technology, there is less friction between the shot load and the barrel walls. Thus, instead of being used more for friction, the powder gases can dedicate more energy to pushing the cartridge wad, which generates a higher velocity of the charge.
The pellets retain their ballistic quality.
As the barrel walls exert less throttling or pressure on the charge , the number of shots that do not deform when fired is higher.
Back Bored
2. Improved clusters.
The ballistic characteristics are improved, which will allow you to achieve exceptionally uniform impacts , with a greater number of accurate shots on the target.
3. Recoil reduction: -6%.
Less sensitive recoil means more shooting comfort. In a barrel with an oversized bore, the charge of the shot passes more easily, so the shooter feels less recoil. All this means greater comfort in the use of the weapon.
Tested and approved by the Browning Research and Development Department.